Author Topic: Rick's City Car THX1138 Possible Replica  (Read 2947 times)


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Rick's City Car THX1138 Possible Replica
« on: May 26, 2008, 02:11:44 AM »
Well I've got a good friend Rick that runs a local printers and he is one of the best. He sends me an email with his latest project, a tired City Car. Also attached were a few photos of the car used in THX 1138 as a possible replica idea.

Well I wanted to help Rick out and we went with his son and picked up the Choad Mobile.  :P

Tires were rotten, half inch holes in the wheels that wouldn't hold air, ratís nets, locked brakes and a million miles of spider cracks.

I joked with the guys selling the car that he was giving it away and wouldn't charge anyone for the Choader, he wasn't amused.

Since everything was locked up the car wouldn't be winched onto the trailer with ease. So I suggested tilting it back on its back and driving the trailer under the car and then tilt the trailer back up and lift it the rest of the way on, what a job.

Here it is after it was loaded:

Next was a trip to the car wash to get rid of fifteen years of junk and dirt.

After the car was scrubbed with Comet, the boy was instructed to vacuum the hell out of the car and don't stop until we could see the aluminum floor boards.

After it was cleaned up it looked pretty good, but you know what the say, you can't polish a turd! LOL  ;D

Anyway it should make a neat cruiser that has a 45 mile range on a full electrical charge at about 45mph.

It's currently across the street in my partners shop awaiting a lot of elbow grease from Rick and his son.

I'm forwarding this to Rick and hopefully he will post up some progress.


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Re: Rick's City Car THX1138 Possible Replica
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2008, 11:32:58 PM »
I found one like this in a scrap yard  ;D

it's here  :D
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